Flat Roof Builder

Choosing the right option for your roof

One of the specialties of Century Roofing is the construction of flat roofs. Flat roofs are usually constructed for commercial properties. There are some flat roofs on traditional homes as well, such as garages. Flat roofs have little to no pitch, therefore have little slope.

The notation of a pitch can be read as 2:12; 2 inches of rise over 12 inches of run. So a pitch of 8:12 is much steeper than 1:12. Regular roofs have pitches of 2:12 to 12:12. For a flat roof, you would want to have at least 1/8":12.

As you can imagine, flat roofs can be take a beating during rainstorms. Flat roofs from Century Roofing are designed to never leak and they come with extended warranties. There are tapered systems installed to create a slight pitch that will allow the water flow off the roof. Contact Century Roofing for a flat roof consultation.

For more information, check out Century Roofing's website.

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